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Woodel Business Partners

I recently requested a Certificate of Insurance for my Vitamin Store for the Pumpkin Festival. I forgot to send Dave the wording for the certificate, only a request. Dave looked up the information, completed the information back to me The same day. Thank Dave – Amazing.

Jay Singh
Once again, thank you so much for your continued outstanding service.
Delores Quenemoen
Thanks, Dave. We have talked, so see you in the morning with a check for the full amount. Got the motorhome binder, and proof of insurance, so am ready to go… You have saved me a lot on premiums.Thanks for the great service……
Ken Flavell
HI Dave, Are we cutting it close for our homeowner’s policy – changing to Hartford. We changed from AAA for our auto insurance, now we are changing our homeowner’s insurance to Hartford. Kathy everything is fine. I will email you an update later today. Did you call your Mortgage company to tell them you changed companies and to pay Hartford yet? Thank you for your help today.
Great Service/Great Rates‎‎: It was great working with a Broker who is polite, has over 40 years experience and makes a huge effort at explaining what it is I am buying and how it works. Plus I saved over $330.00 –Awesome. I also like it that Dave is a Financial Advisor which helps me keep up with my retirement investments.
Padgette: Thank you for your persistent and continued excellent service.
Mike, Hooray: the policy arrived, see attached.Thank you for your patience and your business, Mike.I hope we can do more business down the road.
David: Thank you so much! This is one less thing to worry about. Our customer will be very happy. Best regards are great to have an agent like you in the Sacramento area.
Mike W.
Dave handles all of our business insurance needs. He is Personable, funny and great professional. We appreciate knowing we have him to take care of us. Woodell Insurance Services is the way to go!
Sam James
You are a Terrific Agent!
You’re a terrific agent Dave. Thanks for always being there when I have an insurance need and thanks for quick service!
Thanks much for the info and the help!
I’ve been a satisfied customer of Dave Woodel and his team for many years. I first turned to them when no other agent would help me find insurance for my house in the Foothills. And since then we’ve had a few wrinkles in our relationship – like when I was out of the country for a few years, or when the bank screwed up a payment – but Dave always came through with good personal service to solve any problems. I value his competence, reliability, and customer-friendly attitude.

Best to you and the “team.”

David Woodel has put together a cost saving better insurance package for my business. Commercial auto, general liability and workers compensation together save me an average of $1000 a year. Thank you, David and your professional team for providing excellent service, coverage and for just being honest! Regards,
Jason Richardson
Thank you, David; One phone call, one fax and it was done. I have had the pleasure of working with Woodel insurance over the past few years. My insurance needs are at times above the norm. Even with complicated issues and a need for immediate attention, Dave always makes it just a phone call and a fax or two. Done! I enjoy not having to worry about the insurance end of the business, with Dave Woodel it’s covered!
Thanks for your concern. My family and I feel so warm doing business with you. We haven’t met any person like you. You and Kelly alway make my days so happy anytime I meet with you guys,or even talk over the phone …
Thanks once again for the time and effect you guys show towards my family .